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GUESS WHO: Activist. Music Legend.

This recipient of 15 Grammy Awards, and 17 NAACP Image Awards as well as countless other honors is a singer, songwriter, and pianist. Her charting topping catalogue of #1 songs and albums has gained her an international following and recognition as one of the most popular and successful musicians of the 21st century. She is an advocate and activist who created the We Are Here movement to bring people together to work towards creating positive changes in the world. She is also a philanthropist, and the co-founder of Keep A Child Alive which is an organization that aims to realize the end of AIDS for children and their families, by combating the physical, social and economic impacts of HIV. For years now she's ditched the overdone makeup look choosing instead to go makeup less which has consequently made her the face of the no-makeup wave. The message that she has been advocating is empowering and all about self-love, especially for women to embrace who they are, and for us to hold our opinion of ourselves higher than anyone else's opinions of us. She's carried those positive and inspirational messages on to the music competition show The Voice where she's served as a mentor to aspiring musicians over the last couple of years.

#ArtForLife Benefit in New York

Russell Simmons' Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation — whose mission is to provide inner city youth with significant exposure to the arts, as well as support emerging artists with exhibition opportunities — hosted its annual #ArtForLife benefit gala in New York on July 15th. The Art For Life benefit gala is the primary fundraising initiative for the RPAF's supporters, and also serves to honor exemplary individuals for success in their respective fields and good works to better our communities

Many high profile people came out to celebrate this year's honorees and to support this important benefit. Reportedly by the end of the night over one million dollars was raised for the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation. Awesome! 

Singer, actor, and Broadway star Cynthia Erivo looked ultra feminine and pretty-in-pink in a flared hem number, and Russell Simmons' daughters (L)Aoki Lee Simmons and (R)Ming Lee Simmons looked gorgeous in their printed designer dresses.

Lip Freckles Are a Thing ft. Solange, Sabina et al.

I have to confess that the main reason I made the decision to publish this post is because I have a freckle on my lip, but the other important  reason is that I like to celebrate peoples uniqueness. Check out the Celebrities with Heterochromia Iridum post, and the Facial Scars | signature characteristic post.
This is what I believe if we're talking about a signature look, I believe that you must a
ppreciate everything about yourself that is unique no matter how insignificant you believe that trait is, and also never buy into beauty "advice" that leads to erasure of self or identity. If it makes you stand out from everyone else, if it makes you look different, that is what makes you, you. Freckled lips are iconic! These beautiful people that you'll see when you scroll look perfect just as is, with one, two, or a lot of freckles.

Kesha Wore This Outfit Exactly 2 Years Ago ♥ !!

Two years ago to the date singer Kesha wore this floral summer dress and her blue tresses was the perfect compliment to the printed design! Take a look.

Jayna's Bridal Makeup by Makeup Artist Aisa C.

I teamed up with makeup artist - Aisa C. for this post and got my makeup done to show you all this great bridal look!

I think any bride in any wedding season could match this beauty look. Aisa contoured my face to enhance my facial features and made my eyebrows look amazing. I did not have my eyebrows waxed so this look made my eyes look wider and awake especially with the addition of the faux lashes. You can't tell in the photos because of the products used, but my lips tend to get dry in the Canadian winter season so she used some amazing moisturizing products on my lips. I think everyone in Canada can agree that we don't find dry skin fun but there are some things you can do about that - (lip scrub, moisturizing lip balm). Most importantly I loved the outcome and took selfies all day!

I enjoyed my time with Aisa because she makes you feel comfortable and the end result made me look like a model! Every woman needs to feel this glamorous on her wedding day. I hope that you love this look as much as I do and I'd like to say thank you to everyone for reading my very first post here on NOI h. SAF. I hope you continue to visit for more great fashion/beauty/style ideas, also please check out Aisa's Instagram (@aiscold) to see more of her work. Thank you.

Nikki Reed Shows Us How to Travel in Style

Spotted at LAX airport on Jan 14th 2016 Nikki Reed gives us a lowdown on how to remain stylish while trotting around with your luggage. With her hair tied back in a messy pony and a fedora tossed on top she moves effortlessly carrying her dog in one hand and her suitcase and doggy duffle-bag in another.

The actress looks classy yet comfortable in a blue washed denim, paired with an easy fit sweater, an over-sized coat, and a scarf, all in black/grey tones. The pointy toe boots pull the look together, but the best part of these photos we'd say is definitely the little fur baby in her arms!! Don't you agree..?
The little cutie in Nikki Reed's arms was actually her foster pup and the reason that she was at LAX was because she was taking the little one across the country to meet his or her new family. Read the bittersweet message that Nikki published on Instagram about parting with her foster baby:

**Product links are affiliate links**after-the-fact... if you noticed a flaw in Nikki's outfit keep reading, if you didn't Stop reading now .. and no, don't scroll back up and look for the flaw either, just.. forget this bit. A wardrobe malfunction that has happened to all of us (it's happened to me), the dreaded unzipped fly.. in public no less! we realized.. still love Nikki's outfit and her heartwarming reason for trekking cross country..
Images: Gvk/Bauer Griffin

Written by: Tina Colada

Alexia Niedzielski's Androgynous P.F.W. Style

Fall style printed black coat tomboy fashion androgynous style
Entrepreneur and co-founder of System Magazine, Alexia Niedzielski, attended the Sonia Rykiel show during Paris Fashion Week [September 29, 2014] in an androgynous fit consisting of artsy, rocker pieces that anybody can wear. What do you think about Alexia's outfit? Would you take anything from this ensemble? I call dibs on the coat!
Alexia Niedzielski androgynous tomboy fashion show outfit
Images: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty.

'Don't Sneak' — The Saint of Dry Creek

"Don't sneak, because if you sneak, like you did today, it means you think that you're doing the wrong thing. If you spend your whole life thinking that you're doing the wrong thing, then you'll ruin your immortal soul."

Patrick Haggerty grew up the son of Charles Haggerty (a dairy farmer) in rural Dry Creek, Washington, during the 1950s. As a teenager, Pat began to understand that he was gay—something he thought he was hiding well. But one day, after performing at a school assembly, Pat learned that his father could see him much more clearly than he realized.

"The Saint of Dry Creek" online release is presented in partnership with the It Gets Better Project (