"Timeless elegance, sophistication, and grace; this is the vision for NOI h. SAF. This is what we hope to share."

NOI h. SAF offers an innovative take on the traditional fashion magazine. We present information that is important to our readers, however, we aren't stuck with the old formula of how that information is presented. We value diversity, and we do not participate in body shaming. We celebrate every style and everybody.

Shariki started noi h. saf as a way to provide style inspiration for her cousin Britney. Brit's style is Casual, and trendy, with a hint of Androgyny, but overall modest. So in the beginning stages of noi h. saf Shariki posted outfits that she knew that Brit would want to duplicate. Eventually she began to incorporate pieces from her own closet to create outfit posts which were more Classic and different from her cousin's day-to-day wear. After that, she introduced Style Ideas, Beauty and Makeup looks, and Signature celebrity style categories which expanded the content of the blog further. Now we've found a way to add to those categories with new ones like Skincare, Hair & Nails, Fashion and Beauty trends, and many more topics that will provide you with tonnes of inspiration and confidence to wear anything that you want.

You are our muse. We create content that is inspired by you, for you.

— Shariki,
Creator & Editor-in-Chief
I support, and practice the fashion philosophy "Wear what you (already) have."