The Truth About the Beauty Industry

Sunday, February 24, 2019 NOI h. SAF 0 Comments

 They (cosmetic beauty brands) sell us characteristics of each other. So say someone is darker skinned, they target them with bleaching creams, and if someone is lighter skinned they target them with tanning products. If someone has a thin frame they target them with cosmetic/diet products to achieve a curvier frame, and if someone is curvier they target them with diet and workout plans. They take our individual identity, package it, and market it back to each of us individually. They sell us our differences  whatever distinctive traits you have that I don't have, that's what they market to me, and whatever distinctive traits I have that you don't, that's what they market to you. These brands use insidious advertising schemes to exploit and manipulate their target demographics into conforming to a made up ideal of beauty. For example, their use of the word 'flaw' in their ad campaigns has been utilized meticulously and exhaustively to convey to people, particularly to impressionable young women and men that the differences they have from the photo-shopped ads are what makes them 'not attractive', 'not desirable', 'less than', 'other'.  Even when they've used 'I love my flaws' as an empowering new motto, the several decades past of using aggressive advertising to condition young people to believe that they aren't good enough has already done far too much damage. They still associate the word flaw with a negative portrayal of themselves, it's still associated with something that they need to physically alter about themselves. What many people don't realize is that the flaws that have been advertised are simply our individual differences. Our tiny differences continue to be exploited politically, socially, and economically in ways that separate us, shatter our self-esteem, and disenfranchise us. We have to become conscious of the beauty advertisements and images that are repeatedly marketed to us. Take note of the advertising campaigns and brands that make you feel bad about yourself and stop supporting them! Enough!