Julie Sariñana's Casual Tomboy Style

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This is the idea of what was running through my head when I saw this photo and I thought about one of the places that she could be off to:

Her partner walks into the room and says
"Babe did you forget that we have to go and meet up with my brother this afternoon?"
Julie: "That's today?"
Him: "Yea come on get dressed, we gotta go now."
She looks up from her laptop and exhales loudly.
J: "What's the matter, you and my brother get a long fine."
Him: "I like your brother. I'm just trying to finish this up."
J: "We're not going to be that long you can finish when "
She gives him a serious stare, he notices and stops talking.
J: "Pass me a pair of jeans from my closet. I'll wear it with the top I'm wearing now." she rapidly taps away at the keys on her laptop.
Him: "Here." he throws a pair of jeans near her. She slides the laptop off of her thighs and picks them up.
J: "These are yours." she says putting them on.
He gives an arrogant shrug. "I like when you wear my jeans."

 ... the end ...?

To be clear(er): This is not a true story about Julie or her partner... Photo: Sincerely Jules.
but I wonder why they have to meet with her partner's brother. What is Julie working on? What was her partner doing before he interrupted her? Where is the setting of this story? When does it take place? ...

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