Lip Freckles Are a Thing ft. Solange, Sabina et al.

Friday, July 14, 2017 NOI h. SAF 0 Comments

I have to confess that the main reason I made the decision to publish this post is because I have a freckle on my lip, but the other important  reason is that I like to celebrate peoples uniqueness. Check out the Celebrities with Heterochromia Iridum post, and the Facial Scars | signature characteristic post.
This is what I believe if we're talking about a signature look, I believe that you must a
ppreciate everything about yourself that is unique no matter how insignificant you believe that trait is, and also never buy into beauty "advice" that leads to erasure of self or identity. If it makes you stand out from everyone else, if it makes you look different, that is what makes you, you. Freckled lips are iconic! These beautiful people that you'll see when you scroll look perfect just as is, with one, two, or a lot of freckles.

Model Sabina Karlsson
Photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty.

Musician Solange Knowles-Ferguson
 Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty.

Designer Sami Miro Photo: @SamiMiro

Actor Marcus Scribner Emma McIntyre/Getty.