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Nikki Reed Shows Us How to Travel in Style

Tuesday, January 19, 2016 Tina Colada 0 Comments

Spotted at LAX airport on Jan 14th 2016 Nikki Reed gives us a lowdown on how to remain stylish while trotting around with your luggage. With her hair tied back in a messy pony and a fedora tossed on top she moves effortlessly carrying her dog in one hand and her suitcase and doggy duffle-bag in another.

The actress looks classy yet comfortable in a blue washed denim, paired with an easy fit sweater, an over-sized coat, and a scarf, all in black/grey tones. The pointy toe boots pull the look together, but the best part of these photos we'd say is definitely the little fur baby in her arms!! Don't you agree..?
The little cutie in Nikki Reed's arms was actually her foster pup and the reason that she was at LAX was because she was taking the little one across the country to meet his or her new family. Read the bittersweet message that Nikki published on Instagram about parting with her foster baby:

**Product links are affiliate links**after-the-fact... if you noticed a flaw in Nikki's outfit keep reading, if you didn't Stop reading now .. and no, don't scroll back up and look for the flaw either, just.. forget this bit. A wardrobe malfunction that has happened to all of us (it's happened to me), the dreaded unzipped fly.. in public no less! we realized.. still love Nikki's outfit and her heartwarming reason for trekking cross country..
Images: Gvk/Bauer Griffin

Written by: Tina Colada