INTERVIEW: 'HollyDays' blogger Holly C.

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Holly, the creator of lifestyle blog HollyDays is the first blogger to be interviewed for our new Q+A category and I'm so geeked that we've finally launched this feature! I hope that through this series you'll learn more about some of your favourite bloggers and hopefully get introduced to many new fashionistas that you can add to your follow list. Up first is UK blogger, Holly, from Kent! Holly's favourite quote is "Love what you do, and do what you love." and her fashion and travel diary cleverly named HollyDays is a lovely mix between a vacation and fashion magazine that fully reflects her love of travelling abroad. Take a tour of Holly's site and see her vacation snapshots of crowded beaches, scenic views of beautiful architecture and landscapes, and not just that but incredible photographs that display the way we've cultivated our lives and rooted ourselves in the midst of nature; her travel photographs are what tourists dream about. In the past year she's been to Sardinia, and Corsica, Italy; Paris; Barcelona; and the getaway spot she calls her second home that I'm sure has skyrocketed her frequent flier miles, Albufeira, Portugal. You also get a dose of Holly's casual, laid back style, and the great thing is that if you're inspired, it's easy to duplicate because even though it's whats hot right now, it's majorly fuss free pieces that she wears. You'll see what I mean, just continue scrolling to read the interview and to get a glimpse of Holly's world!
Shariki: Do you have a nickname?
Holly: Holz! 
S: Why did you decide to start blogging? Is blogging your hobby or the pathway to a career?
H: I love photography and being creative, plus I have a lot of clothes, shoes and accessories. Combine all three = blog fun!
S: In one word if you can, describe your blogging style.
H: Colourful!
S: Do you ship anyone? (Two people that you would love to see in a relation"Ship").
H: I ship Shakira and Rafael Nadal [from Shakira's Gypsy music video]
S: What are you the most excited about right at this moment? 
H: I'm the most excited about visiting my second home of Portugal in 3 weeks! 
*(Since she answered these questions about a month ago. She's actually in Portugal right now).
S: Your favourite quote.
H: "Love What You Do, Do What You Love" 
S: Get creative, say good-bye in one word.
H: Laterz!  

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