Sept. 2015 Mags — Which ones are you Getting?

Sunday, August 30, 2015 NOI h. SAF 0 Comments

I hadn't realized just how many magazines - fashion magazines to narrow it down a bit - were published, and printed each month. Upon sorting through the covers that are scheduled for release in September I hadn't a clue and I'm amazed at just how many there are. In any case, I selected some of the ones that has a captivating cover with great styling, that shows diversity, multiculturalism, beauty, and individuality. Also, this is not a set list. This list is a work in progress. It will be edited to include others because there are many more that should be on here. See the ones I selected below, and let me know if you plan on getting any of them. 

noisafblog's September 2015 Magazine Covers album on Photobucket