CURVY GIRLS OUTFIT IDEA | H&M blouse, Wear All graphic print palazzo pants, Betsey Johnson daisy flower bag, Valentino oceanic sandals

Saturday, June 06, 2015 N. R. 0 Comments

Curvy Girls - Valentino/Betsey Johnson/H&M/Wear All (Amazon)

Model Ashley Graham would look great in this casual get up. In fact after creating this outfit I realized that it's likely that the person that is modelling this khaki green H&M blouse on the site's product page may be her, that or she has a doppelganger. I selected these two hair and makeup looks of hers that really aren't that different. She tends to favor the minimalistic approach when it comes to makeup, the main difference in the two photos is her subtle lip color. The hair is also about the same, one is a sleek do and the other has more volume and waves. So this isn't really a choice between the two beauty looks, they're too similar for that, these are just two options that work for this outfit.

The Wear All palazzo pants is available in sizes ranging from 16 - 26, and it pairs well with the neutral tone of the top, the *Valentino oceanic sandals with the seashells, sea horses, and starfish designs adds casual elegance, and the *Betsey Johnson daisy flower bag brings a playful element, both accessories add a sort of "vacation vibe" I feel like. What do you think of this outfit idea? Is this something that you would wear on vacation? 
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