CURVY GIRLS OUTFIT IDEA | H&M fur coat, Old Navy jeggings, Shourouk shoulder bag, Oscar De La Renta satin sandals, Nasty Gal earrings

Sunday, December 14, 2014 N. R. 0 Comments

Curvy Girls - Old Navy/Shourouk/Nasty Gal/H&M/Oscar De La Renta

I was going for a sexy, feminine, and expensive with this look. The H&M fur coat is actually less than $100, and the Old Navy jeggings are only $45, the Oscar De La Renta sandals are just $161, and the Nasty Gal rhinestone earrings are $25 dollars so almost all of the pieces in this outfit is inexpensive. However the Shourouk crystal encrusted bag is a whopping $2500, so that creates a significant imbalance between the price of the bag and the price of the rest of the outfit combined, even though the intention was to even out the prices a bit. Still doesn't change the fact though. So I guess this outfit is an affordable rich girl look with expensive accessories, namely the clutch bag.

Model Marquita Pring looks gorgeous as always, I was thinking that her curly do, and the fur coat, satin sandals, and crystal adorned bag would be perfect, and it does look great with this outfit, but then I saw the straight hair look and what changed my mind was the makeup in the photo. The touch more mascara and pink lips make this look perfect for the outfit. If I'm going for a rich girl look, then this 'rich girl' wouldn't be outside in an outfit like this with a no-makeup-on-look right? What do you think? Marquita's photos: Getty.