BACK DESIGN — Shaven nape hairstyle

Monday, December 22, 2014 N. R. 0 Comments

I've always thought that the shaved nape hairstyle is one of the coolest styles ever. It's another style that you can get to show off your edgy personality and when you don't want the design to be seen, you just let your hair down. I love body art like this, that makes it simple to revert back to your original self, this is one of the major reasons why I like SEPTUM NOSE RINGS. This style was huge in the 90's and there's been a revival this past summer with celebs like Christina Milian, Kylie Jenner, and Rita Ora rocking this cut with different colors and designs. Continue reading to see their unique spin on this look and find out which celeb got a tattoo on the back of her shaved head. Images: Instagram, Pinterest.

 Christina Milian
Singer Christina Milian posted a photo on Instagram (August 10, 2014) showing her half shaven hairstyle with a TNT (Tina N Tunechi) design which is allegedly a declaration of her and Lil Wayne's relationship. Tina is short for Christina or Tina Turn Up which is the nickname Wayne gave to her, and Tunechi is another one of Lil Wayne's A.K.A's. 

Kylie Jenner
Keepin' Up With the Kardashians star and entrepreneur Kylie Jenner is known for switching up her style quite often and this past summer the trendy 17 year old celebrated her August 10th birthday with a half-shaven hairstyle. 

Lady Gaga
Singer Lady Gaga got a tattoo on the back of her half-shaven head at the launch party for her perfume 'Fame' in 2012.

Rita Ora
Singer Rita Ora also posted this photo on her social media (August 2014) showing the shaved back portion of her head dyed blue to match her ponytail. *Gold & Blue hair, I love it!