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STYLE LIKE U | Tavi Gevinson, Mara Hruby, Devyn Galindo, Athena Calderone, Cindy Ko, S.P.

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 I've included these StyleLikeU artist interviews in the same six Tomboy, Glam, Casual, Vintage, Urban, Classic categories in which I present the weekly fashion looks on the site. The artists (some corporate professionals) who are featured in the StyleLikeU style series share their perspectives on fashion and individuality, and how self-expression connects them to the world and to the people that are around them. The fashionistas/fashionistos share how their sense of style has developed and
evolved based on their experiences and environments, and also who and what their biggest influences are and/or were. It should definitely be noted that this series goes above and beyond the realm of personal style and fashion. It ventures into philosophical views, and heartfelt sentiments derived from deep introspection, moments of clarity, self-revelations, and reminiscing on past decisions and growth. The artists share the stories of their lives and journey and the way that self-expression through fashion has helped to shape their sense of self, or helped them to expresses their individual identities. These StyleLikeU closet series revives the mental, emotional, and spiritual parts of ourselves that had to go through the similar metamorphosis often spoken about and these familiar feelings connects us so much deeper to the stories that are told. If you want to read more stories and see more fashion/style interviews head on over to the StyleLikeU website.

Devyn Galindo | TOMBOY
  •  1st Tattoo: "I'm not frightened by anyone's perception of me."
    • "I got it because I was finally okay with being a hundred percent me, and I was like no one is ever going to tell me who I am."
  • "I think the classiest thing you can have, is just to be a humble individual." 

Cindy Ko | GLAM
  • "Thinking there is a fashion faux pas is a fashion faux pas, because there is nothing. You should just do whatever you want; express yourself."
  • "Treasure what you have."

Tavi Gevinson | CASUAL
  • "My friend's sister had a fashion blog and that's how I found out that this community existed, and I thought it was really cool. Aesthetically cataloging things the way that I do with my room, and my little books, and my blog — that's how I organize the world and so having a blog seemed like the most convenient way to do that."
  • "Every time that I've written a post like the one about 'Prettiness' and the one I wrote about 'Fashion week's weirdness' every time that I've done that I've hesitated a bit before posting it and then I do it and then it feels really good, people respond it. It starts an interesting conversation it gives me things to think about, so I've never regretted anything like that."

Mara Hruby | VINTAGE
  • Tattoo: "We create within our own experience."
  • "If you're just comfortable in your own skin, that's really, really beautiful. It doesn't matter what you look like, what size you are, what you're wearing, if you're comfortable in your own skin, that's really beautiful, because that's hard to achieve."

Athena Calderone | URBAN
  • "As I've gotten older I've become more and more comfortable in my own skin, so I feel like in that sense I trust myself more and I have more confidence and more faith in my abilities."
  • "Love is when you are at your purest, and you feel so connected to this person, and so connected to yourself at the same time in union — and love is laughter, and love is acceptance and patience."

  • "The most democratic place in the world is the gym. Everyone's the same, everyone's wearing sportswear. You get out and you see this person in their regular clothes and that's the moment where you can see clothes make people."
  • "I like to be different when I wear my stuff,  people look at you and they cannot evaluate you."