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Goddess Braids are mainly large cornrows. The "swide-swept goddess braids" also called the milkmaid braid consist of two cornrows parted off center around the sides of the head and down towards the nape, like a crown. The individual plaits are then twisted into a bun, plaited into a long Rapunzel or fishtail braid, curled into soft waves, worn as two plaits, or styled into whichever style you prefer. It's a beautiful style, really. It is also another great protective style — meaning when you're not manipulating your strands by combing or brushing, constantly braiding and twisting, running your fingers through it, and applyingchemicals from different hair products, or applying heat, you moisturize your hair, seal the ends and put it in a low maintenance style like this one a couple of days a week. 
Protective Styling: Technically out of all the photos above Tracee Ellis Ross (left column, blue eyeshadow) who actually wears this style often, Tia Mowry-Hardrict (first row, second from right, purple lipstick), and Charlize Theron (far right, blonde braids) are the only ones who are wearing their goddess braids in a protective style. Their hair is secured together and the ends are tucked in, and aren't brushing along the fabric of their clothes, this friction causes your ends to dry out and break. Protective styles keep the moisture in your hair longer, which allows your strands to grow healthy.  
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A 360 degree look at Rihanna's 2011 Met Gala goddess braids from all sides. Her makeup and hair for that event was just stunning. Definitely one of her most memorable beauty looks. Photos: Getty.

Lucy Liu attended the 2013 Golden Globes Awards in Beverly Hills, California wearing a floral Carolina Herrera gown with her hair styled in goddess braids and a long fishtail side braid. She reminds me of a reigning queen, it's like she stepped off of her throne to grace the awards show with her presence for just a moment. Diane Kruger wore a Valentino lace gown and an Isabel Marant fur coat at the 2010 Golden Kamera Awards in Berlin, Germany. Her hair is styled in goddess braids in the front, with soft curls in the back. Diane always looks amazing on the red carpet and I love that she styled her hair in braids, and accessorized with gold hoops, and a fur coat. Braids have an ethereal aesthetic about them, they can be casual, and glamorous, but there's also something about them that insinuates luxury and that's why I love the pairing of braids with a braggadocios fashion piece like a fur coat. See Keri Hilson's 31st birthday party look for another take on braids & fur style. Photos: Getty.