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CURVY GIRLS OUTFIT IDEA | H&M Wool-blend Coat, Old Navy Twill Dress

Thursday, November 06, 2014 N. R. 0 Comments

Curvy Girls - Old Navy/H&M/Rene Caovilla/Judith Leiber

I've wanted to create a look with this H&M wool blend coat for so long, then this Old Navy twill dress popped up and voila, but before that, I was going through the archive of looks that I created and saw that a lot of the outfits consisted of black bags and shoes so now I'm making an effort to create more looks with less black accessories. That's how I discovered these nude handcrafted, crystals and bead encrusted Rene Caovilla pumps (can you tell how much I love these shoes?) and had to include them in this look. The Judith Leiber mini clutch bag is also decorated with crystals and coupled with the neutral colours ties this look together very well. This creation actually reminds me of something that Jennifer Lopez would wear, she coordinates her outfit pieces similarly especially in terms of the colours that she wears. 

I selected these two hairstyles of model Denise Bidot that would make the outfit look radically different based on which style would be worn with it. I love the crown of braids look "she's royal..." but for this particular outfit the last photo with her voluminous wavy hair won out for me. It's very pretty and simple, which goes well with this look because even though the shoes and bag are on the expensive side, the Old Navy twill dress is only $18 dollars, so the casual waves style is just perfect. Denise's photos: Getty.