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 This past Sunday's School Sophisti"cat" wore a red and purple lace skirt with a lavender button-up shirt, purple eye shadow, and purple lipstick – all of them different shades – and it was that particular look which sparked the idea for this post. Red lipstick and a gorgeous red gown, or matching color coat is not given a second thought, because it's so common to see that combination, and the even more popular pink lipstick, and matching pink clothing. I like berry lipstick colours, so purple lipstick has always been gorgeous to me. I like Jessie J's (top-left) lighter colour lipstick and coat, and Joanna "JoJo" Levesque's (top-right) darker shade that compliments her dress – I also love the addition of their gold hoops! I love all of Dana Suchow's (bottom-right) accessories, especially the print bag with the printed dress and the purple sunglasses, and Teyana Taylor!! Her velvety lip colour is a perfect match to the colour of the jersey dress, and her overall makeup is beautiful. So beautiful, all of these ladies.
Photos clockwise from top-left: Getty, Newsgab, Do The Hotpants, Funmi Ogunj

A Lipstick Story - Tracee Ellis Ross