Korean Singer LEE MICHELLE - Without You (Official Music Video) + fan reaction videos **Grab a lot of Kleenex**

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Lee Michelle (@DimaEntertainme) was born in Korea on September 9, 1991 to a Korean mother, who raised her along with her two sisters when Lee's mom and dad — who is black American — separated before she was born. After a successful run on the first season of the talent competition show K-Pop Star in 2011 where she made it to the top 5 before being eliminated, she released her first solo single "Without You" in March 2014. This song speaks about moving on from someone after not being treated right by them, but the music video details the traumatic experiences of Lee's childhood growing up as half black in a largely homogenous society like Korea. I just wanted to let people know who I am,” Lee said. “The song is very personal to me … I wanted the chance to be able to tell people my story. Although through my story I could have just focused on all of the hurt and all of the struggles that I had endured growing up, but the message that I wanted to emphasize with my song is breaking down those barriers and overcoming all of my pain, and for those people listening to the song and feeling as though my story is similar to their struggles, then what I want to tell them is to embrace your inner strength. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, be brave and you can overcome anything.

“I am Korean and this is my country. Although I would love to take my music abroad and share it with the rest of the world, for me, my first priority is right here in Korea. I think that by getting more support behind me locally first, I will be able to thrive better overseas.”  She goes on to add When I saw and heard my music for the first time after it was posted in Melon (South Korean online music store), all these pent up feelings that I’ve had since I was a kid until now just hit me at once and I just starting crying. I was on the phone with my older sister and we couldn’t help ourselves, we just both started crying together.” 
 - Snippets of Lee's interview from the Korea Herald. A more condensed version of the interview can be read over at fyeahleemichelle tumblr.

Lee Michelle - Without You (Official Music Video)

"There are several words that are written on the wall in the video which are offensive terms and racial slurs that are used to degrade mixed race/darker skinned Koreans. In the final video below, the music video director explains how this mural was developed."

초콜릿 = chocolate
더러워 = dirty, filthy
씻어깜시 = “wash your face black person” (as in become whiter); super slangish, so I’m not sure if this is correct
깜둥이= dark-skinned person
괴물 = monster

죽어 = die
더러워 냄새나 = ‘dirty, you smell’
재수없다 = does mean unlucky, however in this context it means ‘disgusting’ (slang)
튀기 = mixed blood (slang again)
뿌리부터 = pluck a flower by the root”
-Translation by throwawayieruhyjvime: on r/kpop, corrections by
*These translations aren't all of the racial slurs that are present in the video, there are others, some way worse than the ones listed here. For example, in the condensed article from the Korea Herald the racial slur "Dirty Chocolate" is mentioned as well as "Creature". Other translations have included "Black Dog", "Go to hell", and "Go away".

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Behind the Scenes + the Director provides an insight into the music video's symbolisms

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